Rabu, 18 Maret 2009

The old man and his problem

By : Mahyuliansyah

Old Process [is] circumstance which cannot be obviated. Human being as does all mortal of this world have boundary of [his/its] existence and will end in death. Change [of] [at] old age and retreating of [his/its] health seldom difficult to differentiate from disparity of pathology that happened the effect [of] disease. In the field of endokrinologi [of] most of all production and expenditure of hormone influenced by very enzyme influenced by process become old


By : Mahyuliansyah

At the height of problem of soul health, hence requirement of service of health of soul will also progressively mount. reach of Service of health of soul have to can reach society which far and not merely residing [in] just just metropolis. This matter represent effort of generalization of health service. Strive this not possible (to) can be executed [by] if service of health of soul [is] only given by RSJ ( Mental Hospital) just just [is] which [his/its] amount [is] limited and generally reside in mother of town provinsi ( not yet all provinsi own mental hospital
service Health of adequate soul which can reach entire/all society not yet enforceable because of " amount of Energy of health of soul still very finite and generally residing in metropolis " problem of Health of soul frequently bermanifestasi in the form of physical sigh, so that [is] not detected and [is] not overcome better " Congeniality [of] about health of soul still less and stigma to trouble of soul still be big, so that they [do] not come to service of soul health, but a lot go to traditional medicine or prominent religion " Rural resident ( difficult rural) reach facility of health of soul and require big enough expense " Autonomous existence [of] area making area become determinant of requirement [of] each, causing problem of service of health of soul not yet [is] of course considered to be [by] a priority requirement.

Selasa, 10 Maret 2009



Health Service Gift [of] below/under medical observation [at] ill people or the accident work or one who become pain or sudden experience of job accident ( Departmental [of] ACE Labour
Practice specialist Treatment giving health service to worker population or worker focusing [at] promotion, proteksi worker health repair and in environmental health context work ( Health Treatment Association Work America
Hygiene Specialization therewith practice which aim to in order to the worker obtain;get degree of health at the farthest the physical goodness, bouncing social and or with effort preventif and curative to disease, health trouble resulted [by] a environment and work factor work and also the [common/ public] factors ( Nasrul Effendi )


By : Mahyuliansyah

Height of Number of painfulness in Indonesia especially Mortality [of] Ms., Mortality of Baby and malarian ailment, flu bird, Aids, diarrhoea, DHF, TUBERCULOSIS and other;dissimilar - other;dissimilar and also accident of natural disaster [of] like accident, floods, mount erupt, tsunami, earthquake and other;dissimilar - other;dissimilar representing problem which must [in] overcoming, especially to reach Healthy Indonesia 2010.
Attainment of Healthy Indonesia 2010 will be irrespective [of] creation of Healthy Province, Regency/ Healthy town, Healthy Subdistrict and healthy countryside..For the reach healthy countryside hence need effort of development [of] through Alert Countryside

Rabu, 04 Maret 2009

Plan Job of[is Make-Up Of Ability of Worker Perkesmas ( Community Nurse)

By : Mahyuliansyah

A. Identify Problem.
Downhill of it [of] degree of health socialize in order to activity of Treatment of Health Socialize ( Perkesmas} resulted from [by] the increasing of number of painfulness [of] [at] family of target specially the gristle family, family which sensitive. to health problem. This matter [is] caused [by] caused by [his/its] some factor, for example


By : Mahyuliansyah

Strive Republic Government of Indonesia to increase the service Socialize mirror have in outline of Bow of State even development of health instructed to heighten degree of health. This matter in line with development of health contained in System of National Health ( SKN) namely reaching of ability for the healthy life for every resident for the shake of existing of degree of optimal health self-supportingly have [is] base [to] [of] [at] ability and strength [by] xself. To reach the target require to be [done/conducted] [by] effort of service generalization, improvement [of] quality of service and also improvement of role and also socialize. In this case the dot weigh against [at] degradation of painfulness number, death of baby and mother maternal, also to other target. Side of[is other; dissimilar development of health [is] also [done/conducted] givenly [is] perioritas [of] [at] effort of health improvement, disease prevention, beside strive healing and convalescence.


By : Mahyuliansyah

1. What such with family ?
Family represent especial and first behavioral forming and environment for every mankind. Family also represent fastener unit [of] some individual at one blow represent nucleus; core unit forming society